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10 reasons to choose us


1 - Leading pan-European operator

P&O Ferrymasters designs and delivers road and intermodal transport and supply chain solutions across the whole of Europe and eastwards into Russia and Ukraine. Our ability to span effortlessly across countries is due to our footprint of offices, highly experienced and multilingual teams who serve a prestigious portfolio of clients.

2 - Investing in people

Ultimately any solution is only as good as the individuals deployed to work on it. For this reason P&O Ferrymasters works very closely to identify key skill sets from suitably qualified and experienced staff. We work closely to identify quality individuals, their training requirements and a schedule of ongoing assessment. P&O Ferrymasters as a consequence regularly sends employees to the University of Hull for professional educational business classes.

3 - Committed to service

It's the customer's definition of service that counts, not ours, and with a vast knowledge of experience developed over 50 years, we know what it means to be committed. Our determination and passion towards a client's requirements regardless of the size and complexity is testimony to our enviable position in the marketplace.

4 - Own assets

P&O Ferrymasters controls one of the largest trailer fleets in Europe incorporating more than 2,000 road trailer and 2,000 intermodal containers. Our ability to deploy our own assets to support our solutions not only differentiates us from the market but, by promoting intermodal solutions to key destinations, demonstrates that we can effortlessly glide between road (faster) and intermodal (environmental) solutions to the benefit of the client. When a client's volume increases, our solutions will not be dependent on our partners' ability to flex upwards but safe in the knowledge that our own assets can be deployed to assist.

5 - IT integration

P&O Ferrymasters continues to develop and manage its IT solutions in-house. This enables us to be more flexible and respond quicker to implementation where time is money. Total compliance across a number of mediums allows us to receive and execute orders electronically and, with more than 3 million EDI messages currently being handled, demonstrates our position in this area. Further investment in load optimisation and route planning along with data visualisation software makes our solution stand out from the rest.

6 - Sector diversification

P&O Ferrymasters believes that to specialise in a particular sector limits opportunities and restricts synergies. Our achievements in winning business in the automotive, industrial, FMCG, retail, healthcare and chemicals sectors underpins our ambitions to offer better and smarter supply chain solutions in the future.

7 - Re-invent

Each and every year key project teams evaluate what we do and how we can improve and enter new markets. P&O Ferrymasters never stands still because there is no such thing as a stable environment or a stable client. Therefore, we assume to re-invent ourselves by looking at what we can do to improve further.

8 - Innovation

P&O Ferrymasters continues to differentiate itself in the fiercely competitive world of transport by offering a freight management solution that assumes total ownership and responsibility and a commitment to continually add value every step of the way. To be innovative in our approach and to work proactively with the client and its environment, investing and developing new ideas is all part of the package.

9 - Audited fact-based approach

Before starting any complex relationship, P&O Ferrymasters promotes an audit of the current modus operandi to ensure the solution understands the client's fundamental objectives and builds upon them with measurable improvements. Our belief is to be honest and open with the client with our findings and recommendations.

10 - Partnership culture

Our intention is never to consider that a contract will expire but that it will continue to be renewed. We not only deliver the service and the right cost but we create key relationships and grow these into friendships. By having mutual respect for each other, problems disappear because only issues remain. We therefore have a culture within P&O Ferrymasters that to be successful, we not only need to know the business but we need to know the people. For this reason P&O Ferrymasters continues to renew contracts with our major clients.