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P&O Ferrymasters seeks customer input on green initiative

1st March 2011

Supply chain specialist P&O Ferrymasters has stepped up its ‘lean and green’ mission to develop commercially viable, eco-sustainable logistics solutions following the appointment of Peter Chivers as environmental project manager.

An expanded section on the company website outlines strategies for lowering costs while meeting and anticipating a rising tide of legislation over the industry’s environmental impact.

Information on how green solutions can give customers a competitive edge details steps to increase fuel efficiency, cut CO2 emissions, eliminate operational waste and extend rail and short-sea intermodal links.

The website includes a CO2 Emissions Calculator enabling customers to work out the current carbon footprint of carrying their goods around Europe. Input on transport mode, distance, size of load and number of trips produces an estimate of emissions in kilograms per journey and per kilometre. P&O Ferrymasters already supports a similar industry-wide initiative as a founder member of the UK Freight Transport Association’s Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme.

A direct link to Peter Chivers invites customers to contact him for advice on reducing their footprint through measures such as modal shift, route optimisation, co-loading and information sharing.

He has been developing new environmental targets and reporting systems since taking up the post last July after 18 years with the company in various locations, fleet and improvement management roles.

“This is an ongoing and joint process,” he stresses. “It’s vital to collaborate with customers because we have a mutual interest in maximising not only their legislative compliance but also their profitability.
The sustainable logistics objective is about recognising our social responsibilities, co-ordinating customer requirements at minimum cost and taking more account of the knock-on costs of any future environmental concerns.”


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