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P&O Ferrymasters selects Quintiq to optimize operations and support expanded service offering

12th July 2010

‘s-Hertogenbosch, June 28, 2010 – Quintiq, a leading provider of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions, today announced that P&O Ferrymasters, a prominent European provider of integrated asset-based and non-asset-based road and intermodal freight management solutions, has chosen Quintiq software to handle all aspects of the company's planning. The Quintiq Freight Forwarding and Transport Planning solution was selected for its unmatched flexibility and unique ability to fully support the needs of P&O Ferrymaster's three distinct business divisions. The integration will begin in the Freight Forwarding division and then extend to include the Intermodal division and Fleet Assets division, ultimately creating a unified planning system throughout the entire company.

P&O Ferrymasters, wholly owned by Dubai World, is a leading pan-European logistics service provider (LSP) with presence in 13 countries. With a fleet of over 2500 pallet-wide containers and 2000 multi-purpose road trailers, P&O Ferrymasters services the complex supply chains of large corporations.

In the fiercely competitive LSP industry, P&O Ferrymasters differentiates itself by offering grade A customer service, including tailoring logistics solutions to its customers’ specific operational processes. However, the logistics requirements are becoming ever-more complex, demanding ever-greater flexibility from P&O Ferrymasters. The company realized it needed an advanced planning solution to leverage its resources and gain the flexibility necessary to expand its service offering. P&O Ferrymasters sought a single solution which could meet the varied planning needs of its three divisions and be able to grow with the company. After an exhaustive search, it realized Quintiq was the only solution up to the challenge.

“This investment places P&O Ferrymasters firmly as an innovator in the logistics industry," commented Bas Belder, Managing Director of P&O Ferrymasters. "We expect Quintiq will be instrumental in enabling us to increase the value we provide our clients and gain a new competitive advantage in the market.”

Three divisions, 13 countries, one integrated planning solution
To date, planning at P&O Ferrymasters has been done manually. With such large operations and complex service offerings, there are many disadvantages associated with manual planning, including the inability to determine the cost-effectiveness or efficiency of a plan, difficulty in comparing options, and inconsistency in planning quality. P&O Ferrymasters chose the Quintiq Freight Forwarding and Transport Planning solution because of its unparalleled flexibility to provide a perfect-fit solution now and for the future, no matter how the company changes and grows.

With Quintiq, P&O Ferrymasters will now have one central planning application that fully compliments its investment in Fr8 Manager a global Transport Management solution uniting its regional offices. The Quintiq planning solution will enable P&O Ferrymasters to optimize resource utilization, gain insight into the profitability of contracts, and improve efficiency.

Because all of P&O Ferrymasters' planners will be using the same system, the quality of the planning will no longer be dependent on an individual planner's skills. Company-wide transparency and consistent planning quality will translate into better customer service. The combination of operational planning and on the day execution will improve the planners’ ability to both provide an efficient plan and manage the disturbances on the day and re-plan when necessary.

Supporting diverse operations across all divisions
In P&O Ferrymasters' Intermodal division, Quintiq will support planners in overcoming the complexity of intermodal transport – the hauling of cargos using trucks, trains and ferries throughout Europe, to determine the most cost-effective route. For the Fleet Assets division, Quintiq will optimize the utilization of P&O Ferrymasters' numerous road trailers and coil carriers to cut costs and improve efficiency. While the Freight Management division has no resources of its own, it nevertheless has a complex planning puzzle. Quintiq will aid planners in combining trips, determining the cost-effectiveness of contracts with sub contractors and in expanding the breadth of its service offerings.

Arjen Heeres, COO of Quintiq noted: “Many European companies like P&O Ferrymasters are looking for a true pan-European planning solution. Quintiq is ideal for this challenge because it offers a standard platform that can be configured to meet the needs of complex organizations operating across multiple locations from strategic to operational planning. For P&O Ferrymasters, we will integrate with the internal TMS to accommodate all their planning needs and provide full transparency and cooperation across Europe."

Quintiq will work with shipping industry systems integrator The Logic Factory to implement the Freight Forwarding and Transport Planning solution at P&O Ferrymasters.


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