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Fuel Clause

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P&O Ferrymasters' Standard Fuel Clause shows at a glance the monthly fuel surcharges that will be applicable.

The surcharges are based on monthly diesel oil retail prices as defined by the European Commission's Market Observatory for Energy - and based on the average automotive diesel price of 0.429 euro per litre (excl. tax).

To balance differences in fuel prices across Europe, our fuel mechanism is based on the average monthly fuel prices in five countries.

For each 2.5 Eurocent deviation from the base reference price, the fuel percentage is adjusted (up and down) with 1% for road transportation and 0.5% for rail transport.

The fuel surcharge fluctuates on a monthly base and will not be negative.

P&O Ferrymasters is committed to developing this level of transparency and openness in all its commercial activities.

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Automotive Diesel Price (Per Litre Including Tax)
Jan 17Feb 17Mar 17Apr 17May 17Jun 17Jul 17Aug 17Sep 17Oct 17Nov 17Dec 17
Average €1.279 €1.286 €1.278 €1.263 €1.250 €1.223 €1.197 €1.209 €1.229 €1.255 €1.270 €1.281
Automotive Diesel Price (Per Litre Excluding Tax)
Jan 17Feb 17Mar 17Apr 17May 17Jun 17Jul 17Aug 17Sep 17Oct 17Nov 17Dec 17
Average €0.529 €0.532 €0.527 €0.513 €0.501 €0.483 €0.463 €0.475 €0.492 €0.511 €0.523 €0.532
Surcharge Applicable During Month
Feb 17Mar 17Apr 17May 17Jun 17Jul 17Aug 17Sep 17Oct 17Nov 17Dec 17Jan 18
Fuel Surcharge Road Transport4.01%4.11%3.90%3.36%2.88%2.15%1.35%1.84%2.50%3.28%3.76%4.12%
Fuel Surcharge Intermodal Transport2.01%2.05%1.95%1.68%1.44%1.07%0.67%0.92%1.25%1.64%1.88%2.06%
Monthly Fuel Surcharge Percentage Road Transport
Monthly Fuel Surcharge Percentage Intermodal Transport