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Accidents, Injuries and Near Misses are never welcome, but when they do occur sharing and learning from experience is vital in a mature Safety Management System. P&O Ferrymasters publishes Alert Bulletins following any serious near miss or accident/injury.

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Alert Bulletins

  • Alert Bulletin AB 08 2016

    10th June 2016

    Gas Cookers and Canisters The use of camping style gas cookers and canisters is banned on all customer sites due to the potentially devastating damage and injury they can cause if the equipment is faulty or if the gas has been running prior to lighting. Download the bulletin for further information. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 010 2016

    8th June 2016

    Unauthorised Passengers, Driver Equipment and Alcohol Consumption read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 06 2016

    8th June 2016


  • Alert Bulletin AB 09 2016

    25th April 2016

    Serious Near Miss - Vehicle Rollaway. Whils the driver was in the rear of his trailer the truck and trailer have started moving. Download the bulletin for full details. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 005 2016

    1st March 2016

    Tata Steel Llanwern - Change to Load Procedure. All loads from Tata Stel Llanwern have been changed to a Live Load Operation. Download the PDF for the full list of driver requirements. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 004 2016

    10th February 2016

    Unexpected Door Movement - Minor Injury. During strong winds a trailer door fastened back by the door retainer became loose and swung open. The door hit the driver in the face causing a minor injury above his left eye. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 003 2016

    9th February 2016

    Driver Fall from Height - Serious Injury. A driver suffered serious injuries after fall from his trailer whilst trying to open the sliding roof from inside the trailer. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 001 2016

    28th January 2016

    Driver fall whilst closing a sliding roof results in a broken ankle. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 002 2016

    28th January 2016

    Driver Injured by Curtain Tensioning Strap Driver suffered cuts to lip and nose when a curtain tensioning strap buckle came away from the curtain. read more

  • Safety Bulletin SB 10 2015

    23rd December 2015

    This Safety Bulletin is a reminder of the drivers responsibilities and the checks he should complete when collecting loaded trailers and containers. read more

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