Collecting loaded trailers & Con

In Health and Safety / Alert Bulletins posted on 28th September 2018

SB 005 2018 Collecting loaded trailers & Containers and En Route Checks

It is every drivers responsibility to ensure the load he is collecting is secured and in a condition that will not be a hazard to other persons or road users.A basic check must be completed at EVERY collection, and again en route to the delivery point; and ALWAYS after a heavy braking event.

If you trailer is sealed, ask your Traffic Office for guidance before breaking the seal.

1. Look at the trailer.....

If there are lumps or bumps - DO NOT OPEN! - Report to Operations for advice

2. Open the curtains and doors.....

Look at the load - note it’s position, how it’s secured

3. Check the securing straps...

Tighten all the ratchets ensuring they are secure, according to product type!

4.Close up the curtains and doors...

5. Check the load on route ALWAYS after a heavy braking event!

Report any problems to P&O immediately!

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