ZeroTolerance on Unauthorised Pa

In Health and Safety / Alert Bulletins posted on 10th August 2018

AB 011 2018 Zero Tolerance on Unauthorised Passengers

In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone visiting and working at Customer sites, please be reminded we operate a Zero Tolerance policy for all unauthorised passengers including minors. The below process will be operated and enforced at all sites:-

  • All trucks and trailers with an unauthorised passenger including children will be turned away and refused loading.
  • No passengers are to be dropped outside Customer sites; drivers who have been seen dropping a passenger will be rejected and refused loading.
  • P&O Operations will be contacted immediately – we will then allocate the load to an alternative vehicle.

Second drivers, trainee or apprentice drivers and attendants (male and female) will be accepted providing the below requirements are met:-

Second drivers , trainee or apprentice drivers (male or female):

  • Company Identity Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Their own Tachograph or digi-card
  • Their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kit

Attendant drivers (male or female):

  • Company Identity/Training Card or
  • Site Induction Card
  • Their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kit

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