Load Shift Coil on Pallet

In Health and Safety / Alert Bulletins posted on 16th July 2018

What Happened:

While en route to a customer the driver had to make a heavy braking manoeuvre to avoid collision with a third party vehicle. The two coils on plastic pallets being carried have shifted forwards breaking some of the securing straps. The coils collided with each other causing damage to the coils. The coils stayed within the trailer and there were no injuries.


  • The trailer bed was covered in plasterboard dust from the previous load
  • Anti-slip mats had been positioned on top of the powder
  • Many of the fixed securing straps on the trailer had cuts and chaffing and were in poor condition.


Drivers and hauliers must:-

  • Ensure trailers are in a fit condition to load
  • Ensure trailer beds are clean and free from all trip and slip hazards and contaminates from previous loads, rubbish and debris.
  • Inspect securing straps and ratchets for cuts, knots, punctures and chaffing. Reject poor or faulty condition straps and report them as defective immediately.
  • In the event of an RTA, emergency or heavy braking incident, drivers must stop at a safe place, visually inspect the load and securing straps. Report signs of movement or damage to P&O immediately. Waite for P&O instruction before continuing their journey.

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