AB 008 2018 Truck and Trailer Ro

In Health and Safety / Alert Bulletins posted on 9th July 2018

What Happened:

Whilst collecting a loaded trailer from a customers trailer park, the tractor and truck combination rolled forwards and came to a stop by hitting the side of another waiting truck. Luckily there were no injuries......this time..!


  • The driver had not checked the trailer park brake had been applied as part of his pre-coupling checks
  • The driver had forgotten to apply his truck handbrake
  • The driver had connected his airlines and the truck and trailer combination rolled forwards as he was winding the trailer legs up.


  • Before exiting the cab drivers must apply the handbrake, switch the engine off and remove the keys from the ignition
  • Tractor units should be fitted with audible alarms to warn the driver that the tractor unit park brake has not been applied when exiting the cab. The alarm must operate regardless of ignition key state
  • Trailer park brakes must be applied on all uncoupled trailers. Disconnecting the red air line does not automatically engage the trailer park brake! The trailer park brake must be activated separately by pulling on.
Park Brake

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