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Accidents, Injuries and Near Misses are never welcome, but when they do occur sharing and learning from experience is vital in a mature Safety Management System. P&O Ferrymasters publishes Alert Bulletins following any serious near miss or accident/injury.

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Alert Bulletins in 2018

  • AB013 Curtain Buckles

    30th November 2018

    What happened ? Driver was pulling the curtain open using the buckles. One of the buckles gave way causing whiplash and concussion injuries to the driver. Findings Standard at manufacture is for buckles to be secured with backplates, bolts and nuts Recommendations Please carefully check buckles on curtains. They should be fitted with bolts, nuts and backplates If you identify a buckle is fitted with rivets, please report this as a defect read more

  • Collecting loaded trailers & Con

    28th September 2018

    SB 005 2018 Collecting loaded trailers and container. It is every drivers responsibility to ensure the load he is collecting is secured and in a condition that will not be a hazard to other persons or road users. read more

  • ZeroTolerance on Unauthorised Pa

    10th August 2018

    AB 011 2018 ZeroTolerance on Unauthorised Passengers In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone visiting and working at Customer sites, please be reminded we operate a Zero Tolerance policy for all unauthorised passengers including minors. read more

  • Summer Alert Bulletin

    17th July 2018

    AB 010 2018 Summer Alert Bulletin During the summer months, we see an increase in incidents involving passengers in trucks, drivers use of Personal Protection Equipment and Alcohol consumption read more

  • Load Shift Coil on Pallet

    16th July 2018

    AB 009 2018 Load Shift Coil on Plastic Pallets. While en route to a customer the driver had to make a heavy braking manoeuvre to avoid collision with a third party vehicle. read more

  • PB 002 2018 - Incident and Damage

    10th July 2018

    Incidents and damage to the loads does happen from time to time and can happen during both loading and un-loading as well as during transit to the customer site. The sooner damage is reported and documented, the quicker action can be taken and costs to all potentially reduced. read more

  • AB 008 2018 Truck and Trailer Ro

    9th July 2018

    Whilst collecting a loaded trailer from a customers trailer park, the tractor and truck combination rolled forwards and came to a stop by hitting the side of another waiting truck! read more

  • AB 005 2018 Shunt Straps

    6th June 2018

    An unsecured load being transported on a customer site resulted in loss of load in high pedestrian area. read more

  • SB SB 003 2018 Litter and Waste

    29th March 2018

    It's important for all drivers to dispose of any rubbish, product packaing and general waste responsibly. read more

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