Alert Bulletin AB 12 2016

In Health and Safety / Alert Bulletins posted on 30th June 2016

Injury to Hand from Falling Roof Support

A driver was prepairing a trailer for loading and needed to move the roof support posts to the side. The driver had taken the roof support in his left hand and had undone the lever to unclip it to slide when the support dropped suddenly from the roof bar at the top. As it fell it his the drivers left hand little finger and the top of his ring finger. His hand immediately behgan to swell and was unable to complete the remainder of his shift or that of the following day, resulting in a Lost Time Accident.

Roof support injury
  • Hauliers should check trailers at regular intervals for damage, wear & tear. Include moving parts such as roof support runners, curtains and sliding roofs.
  • Hauliers should impliment monthly servicing, lubrication and maintenance of moving parts.
  • Drivers should include moving parts in daily equipment checks
  • Drivers should take extra care when moving roof supports. Wear gloves and safety boots and stand clear and to the side when releaseing the lever in case the support falls.
  • Hauliers should ensure a robust defect reporting procedure is in place and is understood by all drivers. Ensure all reported defects are acted o and repaired promptly.

If you see a fault with a trailer report it immediately - don't leave it for the next driver because it could be you!

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