Alert Bulletin AB 11 2016

In Health and Safety / Alert Bulletins posted on 29th June 2016

Driver Injury - Cut and Bruising to Chin and Neck

A driver collecting an pre-loaded trailer sustained an injury to his chin and neck while fitting a stanchion post that had been left on the trailer bed, into it's pocket on the trailer.

As the driver inserted the post into the socket the bottom of the post flipped up and the driver hard beneath his jaw bone causing a deeo cut under his chin and bruisning and swelling of the Adams Apple area. The driver received first aid treatment and after a short rest was able to carry on with his duties.

Driver Injury


  • The driver had worn correct PPE for the site and followed his companies SWP
  • Loading site had forced the other posts in and were not able to be removed by hand
  • Previous drivers had failed to report any problems with the stanchions
  • Stanchion posts were too big for the sockets


  • Ensure a defect reporting procedure is in place and is understood by all drivers.
  • Ensure all reported defects are acted on and repaired promptly.

If you see an issue with a trailer, report it immediatley - don't leave it fo the next driver because it could be you!

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