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Accidents, Injuries and Near Misses are never welcome, but when they do occur sharing and learning from experience is vital in a mature Safety Management System. P&O Ferrymasters publishes Alert Bulletins following any serious near miss or accident/injury.

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Alert Bulletins in 2014

  • Safety Bulletin 002 2014

    19th December 2014

    Housekeeping and Slips and Trips Keeping walkways and areas underfoot clean, tidy and free from debris is a simple but effective way in preventing slip and trip incidents, which could result in an injury. Read on to find how to prevent slip and trip incidents and accidents. read more

  • AB 15 2014

    24th November 2014

    Incorrect use of Restraining Equipment What Happened: A driver was in the process of sheeting a load. The driver used a load securing strap to secure the sheet to a rope hook. During tensioning the rope hook sheared and the strap hook hit the driver under the chin causing a minor injury. read more

  • AB 14 2014 Reporting Defects

    17th November 2014

    Reporting Equipment Defects What Happened: A driver has been injured because they didn’t follow the correct procedure when they found a defect on a trailer. read more

  • AB 13 2014 Uncoupling Event

    20th October 2014

    Uncoupling Event What Happened: Whilst carrying out a routine trailer changeover, driver has reversed under trailer and carried out coupling up process. On exiting parking bay, driver has realised that the tractor and trailer have not coupled correctly and has brought vehicle to a stop before the trailer has slipped off the turntable. Landing legs were wound down and load recovered. Driver had not restrained load prior to moving off. There were no injuries. read more

  • AB 12 2014 Load Shift NS

    30th September 2014

    Load Shift – Narrow Strip Product What Happened: En route to customer the driver has braked heavily to avoid collision with another truck. The Narrow Strip coils and bundles being carried have shifted forward piercing the trailer headboard and through into the base of the rear part of the unit cab. Some of the product has sheared off to the side and cut through the trailer curtain. There were no injuries. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB14 11

    14th August 2014

    Trailer Housekeeping Messy and untidy trailer beds = Slips and Trips! Before dropping a trailer or arriving for a collection, always check to make sure the trailer bed is clear of rubbish and debris from the previous load. Download for further information. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB14 09

    6th August 2014

    New Unauthorized Passengers, Zero Tolerance In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone visiting and working at Tata sites, please be reminded we operate a Zero Tolerance policy for all unauthorized passengers including minors. Download for further details. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB14 10

    6th August 2014

    Driver Injured by Falling Roof Support Post What Happened: The IP (driver) was releasing a container support column on a swap body trailer as part of the normal loading process. The column became detached from it's runners and fell suddenly to the floor hitting the IP on the fingers of his right hand. Download for further information. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB14 07

    15th July 2014

    Driver injured whilst collecting Loaded Trailer What happened? Driver (IP) was collecting a trailer from the trailer park. Another loaded trailer was parked very close next to it. As he attempted to go down the side of the trailer, he has brushed past the roof support which has sprung out trapping his elbow against the trailer parked next to his trailer. Read on for further information. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB14 08

    15th July 2014

    Truck and Trailer Roll away What happened? Driver has collected loaded trailer and approached the gantry so as to secure the load. On entering the strapping gantry the driver caught the side board of the trailer and as he drove forward the gantry started to move. Download for further information. read more

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