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Accidents, Injuries and Near Misses are never welcome, but when they do occur sharing and learning from experience is vital in a mature Safety Management System. P&O Ferrymasters publishes Alert Bulletins following any serious near miss or accident/injury.

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Alert Bulletins in 2013

  • AB13 12 Safety Inspector Near Miss at Customer Site

    16th December 2013

    AB13 12: Safety Inspector Near Miss at Customer Site. What happened: On 5th December 2013 during extremely high winds at Scunthorpe Rodmill live load area, whilst checking a recent arrivals straps for compliance a Safety Inspector was involved in a near miss. read more

  • AB13 11 Driver Injury at Customer Site

    2nd October 2013

    AB13 11 Driver Injury at Customer site What Happened: On 30th July 2013 the IP (driver) was delivering a steel coil to a customer site in Bonen, Germany. The driver was opening his trailer roof with a roof pole from inside the trailer as per the site requirements when the roof suddenly jammed. read more

  • AB13 10 Load Shift - Wire Rod

    2nd August 2013

    AB13 10 Load Shift - Wire Rod in Coil Load shift due to heavy braking. read more

  • AB13 06 Summer Alert

    18th June 2013

    AB13 06 Summer Alert - Children/Unauthorised Passengers on Site & PPE read more

  • AB13.04 Gas Cookers Ban

    19th April 2013

    What Happened ? On completion of collecting a load from SRM Scunthorpe a driver has parked himself in a lay by near the New Coil warehouse and decided to make breakfast, he closed his cab curtains and decided to boil some eggs using a portable gas cooker. read more

  • AB13 03 Defective Equipment

    9th April 2013

    15th March 2013 – IP was preparing his trailer for loading. He had opened the roof to the front of the trailer, then opened his curtains. After this he noticed the roof was not locked into place. read more

  • AB13.02 Vehicle Runaways

    2nd March 2013

    Tractor Unit Handbrakes and Vehicle Runaways What happened? Unfortunately we have suffered 2 more vehicle runaways due to tractor unit hand brakes not being applied, one of which has very sadly ended in a fatality. We are also aware of others in the industry: read more

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