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CO2 Emission Calculator

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In 2009 P&O Ferrymasters was among more than 960 major companies worldwide to sign the Copenhagen Communique - a call for urgent action at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (click on the logo for full details).

We take low-carbon economic sustainability seriously - as demonstrated by our own initiatives such as the CO2 Emissions Calculator.

Our calculator allows you to work out your organisation's carbon footprint by estimating the carbon emissions generated when transporting your products around Europe.

The calculator works out the total kg of CO2 emissions per journey and per kilometre once you've entered the mode of transport, distance, size of load and number of trips.

P&O Ferrymasters is committed to developing supply chain solutions that use resources more efficiently and that expand 'greener' intermodal opportunities. Our calculator is another important step in working with our customers to create 'greener' and more sustainable supply chains.

We've signed the Copenhagen Communique
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